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Alerans have features similar to that of a Terran Fox. These include flattened skull, upright triangular ears, a long thin snout with black tipped nose, and a long bushy tail. Their fur colorings can be reddish/orange, grey, black, and white.

History and Politics

Out of the 23 planets that were part of the Aleran Empire only 10 remain under the Emperor. With the severely weakened position the Empire is placed in it barely trusts anyone and jumps on anything that it finds to be a danger to their independence. The only faction to gain it’s trust is the Federation and that is only because of the Emperor agreeing. Many Aleran do not trust Starfleet or the Federation especially considering their democratic form of government.

Society and Culture

Alera is the same size as the planet Earth though it’s orbit is a little longer than Earth’s giving it a longer year. It's climate tends to be cool and dry, but in winters it simply gets severely cold, though storms are not something that generally happens. Alera inhabits around 9 billion persons in it’s sprawling cities all of which are compact and are self sustaining. The planet is heavily forested in the northern hemisphere, and scarcely forested in the southern hemisphere.

Alera itself has come to the brink of destruction many times. After the Southfalen Wars the southern portion of the Empire came apart, and the military saved it. In ground combat the Aleran people still fight with projectile weapons and melee weapons. They hold onto the age old custom that essentially means “Die looking good”. Their way of combat is similar to that of 18th and 19th century Earth if a comparison were to be made.

While hunting, Alerans tend to use a particular pouncing technique, such that they crouch down to camouflage themselves in the terrain and then use their hind legs to leap up with great force and land on top of their chosen prey. Using their pronounced canine teeth, they can then grip the prey's neck and shake it until it is dead or can be readily disemboweled

Anywhere with ample room, the Aleran Military is a deadly machine. During the Southfalen Wars the rebelling forces reached Alera, the capital and homeworld of the Aleran people. The Imperial guard numbering one thousand at the gates to the Imperial palace held off more than twelve thousand enemy troops taking six hundred and twenty three casualties. The valor that the Guard had shown permitted for a quick peace and the Emperor surrendering rights over the Southernmost portion of the Empire.


Their native Language is Aleran


Aleran cuisine usually consists of both raw meats and vegetables. certain delicacies include small reptiles, indigenous fowl, and eggs of both