USS Solstice NCC-72718 Wikia

These are heavily-guarded rooms that employ either gates or force fields to keep those incarcerated segregated from the general population of the vessel. These areas are used to contain criminals, fugitives, and others who pose a security risk and must be detained. They are also used as a means of punishment within the Starfleet ranks.

It contains a single bed and was nearly soundproof. While designed to hold two occupants, the brig was capable of holding three prisoners. Brigs were commonly covered on three sides by bulkheads with an electrostatic force field on the fourth side, which could be turned off and on as an entrance or exit way. The force field could also be made to open just a small gap, wide enough for food to be passed to the prisoner. 


The brig is accessed from the security hallway . Suspects and visitors must check in with the security officer on duty and then brought to the Cell area. Suspects are held in the cell by a standard planar force field. the forcefield is equipped with EPS regulators to control plasma current levels. in the event of an emergency might overwhelm the security complex physical structure, all prisoners are placed in trackable cuffs and escorted to a safe environment.