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The Carnivon race is roughly the same as a human with the following exceptions, a heightened sense of smell and hearing comparable to a Terran canine, along with heightened strength on planets with lighter gravities. Though comparable to the Terran canine, Carnivons do have color vision.

Appearances range from predominate Terran wolf to a much rarer Terran fox, with Terran domestic canine breeds.

For tattoos or added markings, that were not there at birth, Carnivons would have to go through a physical manipulation of their fur follicles to maintain the tattoo or marking

History and Politics

The Carnivon race was a canine-like race that existed in a small group of systems on the border of Klingon and Romulan space. The race was spacefaring, and had an average technological level as compared with contemporary species. The race had begun to send out colony ships to other systems when the war with the K’zinti and Lyran races began.

The world of Sphinx was colonized by the Carnivon Military Command, and shortly after establishment, the leadership discovered that the home world had been destroyed and the decision was made to remain silent and not pursue spaceflight for safety. Some of the colonists did not agree with the military leadership and ran off into a mountainous region of the planet and set up their own colony, this group was less technological and tended to be isolated and primitive compared to the colony prime.


Sphinx was ruled with a military lead government.  When a Carnivon reached their maturity age which is based off human years (18) they were required to serve in the Carnivon Military their Army or Marine forces, for a minimum of at least 8 years.

Though our cousins had a pack mentality and lived in that fashion. Our government was designed around our military.  Some Carnivon's still reside in packs in the remote areas of the planet.

Society and Culture


Carnivon's had no enemies on their home planet, and found no reason to have starships minus to trade with neighboring planets.  They had their army and their marines to protect the planet from an invasion.  Though after Starfleet found the planet, members began to join the fleet along with the Federation helped the Carnivons build their own starships for protection.


Carnivon's had reached the stages of the Federation's technological standards long before they had stumbled upon the planet.  It was just that the Carnivons had never felt the need for the starships for military.  Otherwise their technological standards meet all that the Federation has.


Their native Language is Sphinx


So cuisine would be pretty much meat or fish based. The meat would be seared so it was bloody and raw inside. Meat is cooked so not to upset the stomachs of other species. Otherwise Carnivons would eat it raw. They prefer large hoofed mammals to the fish. They eat pretty much close to 10-20 lbs of meat for each meal.

Carnivons don't eat many vegetables but enjoy carrots, pears, and pumpkins They can eat some lettuces, usually the smaller kinds like arugula, frisee, dandelion greens, meselun along with some small nuts like acorns, seeds from sunflowers and pumpkin, berries and apples but their main diet is red meat.

More Importantly grapes and onions are poisonous to Carnivons

Hot chocolate is a common drink and is drank like coffee is drank on earth. Most Carnivons do not have an allergy to chocolate like the common pet. Though they do consider peanut butter a delicacy after having it for the first time after human contact,