USS Solstice NCC-72718 Wikia



Entered into Star Fleet Academy in 2386, going for tactical operations, after completing the aptitude testing and showing a high level in systems operations, opted for Engineering,

Graduated Star Fleet Academy:: 2390/05/22

  Majored in Diagnostic Engineering

Phaser Training:: 2391/04/01

Fire Suppression Training:: 2391/04/07

  Tactical Training:: 2391/04/15

  Tactical  repealing boarders training:: 2391/07/14

   Helms  control training:: 2391/07/27

   Shuttle flight training:: 2391/10/10

   Trauma protocol Class:: 2392/09/26

Medical History

Service Record

Assigned to the U.S.S Solstice:: 2391/03/22

  Assigned Replicators and Waste Management:: 2391/03/25

  Promoted to Chief Engineering Officer::2391/10/22

Promotion History

Able Crewman promotion:: 2391/05/01

  (Processing/Tech specialist)

  Lead crewman promotion:: 2391/07/03

  Petty Officer second class promotion:: 2391/08/14

  Ensign promotion:: 2391/10/22

   LTjg promotion:: 2392/02/19

   LT promotion::2393/ 03/22