USS Solstice NCC-72718 Wikia

The officers and enlisted personnel of the Engineering Department are responsible for the ship's engines and systems. Engineers are the members we turn to for repairs or modifications when needed as well as possible new designs where needed. Who else will maintain our ship, our computer, our lighting and so on! Engineers are often found working with members of other departments to perform their jobs.

Engineering officers were generally assigned tasks that included maintaining and/or improving the performance of the warp drive, ship's database, computer processors and circuitry, holographic emitters, tractor beams, transporter components, observational equipment (such as sensors, probes, and satellites), weaponry systems, deflector array, hull plating, life support, shields and alternative defense systems, and many other crucial parts of a ship's anatomy. They were expected to tackle all the problems that drained the ship's resources or lowered its efficiency.

Available trades in the Engineering department are:

  • Damage Control/Maintenance Technician :Jack of all trades, the damage control/maintenance technician is capable of welding shut a hull breach, or fixing your sonic shower. Most engineers fall into this category.
  • Propulsion Technician: The Propulsion Technician is responsible for maintenance and repair of Reaction Control Thrusters, Impulse Engines, Warp Nacelles, and any other propulsion devices on board of the ship, or auxiliary craft.
  • Power System Technician: The Power System technician is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Electro-Plasma System, as well as any other forms of power distribution on board the ship. This also includes warp core technicians, fusion reactor technicians, and any person who specializes in the use and maintenance of any power generating devices.
  • Computer Technician: This technician is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all computer systems on board the ship.
  • Hull Technician - This technician is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the ship’s hull. an Expert in Metallurgy, Welding, and experienced with ship designs
  • Systems Technician -  A systems engineer is a type of engineer who specializes in starship subsystems, such as transporters, various field Generators, and life support systems.
  • Processing Technician - Technician deals with the processing of Matter  into other things using the replicators, and also waste processing center..