USS Solstice NCC-72718 Wikia

The Basic Medkit is a small pouch worn on the belt. containing equipment and drugs necessary for immediate diagnosis and treatment of diseases or injuries on Class M Planets. The Medkit is designed to administer only temporary aid while the patient is secured for transportation to medical facilities. Because of its small size the Medkit contains only those items absolutely essential to field treatment. Many injuries and condition may require more advanced kits, but such equipment is not always available in the field, especially where the prime directive makes viable the risk of "contamination" by introducing extensive medical technology.

  • Preloaded Hypospray: this Hypospray differs from other models in that it comes preloaded with 6 medications into the handle. The body contains a colloidal field suspension of the six medication, any one of which may be selected by choosing the appropriate filter aperture by turning the groved ring below at the base. The hypo is loaded with two doses each of the following medications:
    • Cordrazine - stimulant
    • Tri-ox - Oxygen binder
    • Dylovene - broad spectrum antitoxin
    • Stokaline - nutrient and multivitamin
    • Hyronolin - anti-radiation Medication
    • Melanex - anesthetic and neural paralyzer
  • Type I Medical Scanner - this medical scanner consists of two parts: a rotating scanner head enclosed in a wire mesh sensor network, and the main body which interprets signals received and converts them into a fluctuation audio readout. it is programmable for up to 10 simultaneous functions (pulse rate, respiration, body tempt, cell rate, lung capacity, heart activity, blood pressure, basal metabolic rate, brain activity, homeostatic deviation) by setting the input on the base of the scanner. the audio output is given through a series of sounds. training is required too understand the sound output to minimize the possible risk of contamination.
  • Spray applicator: the spray applicator is a small cylindrical dispenser of epidermal medication. it is normally pressurized with an organically based flesh colored compound that acts as a coagulant to stop the flow of blood and act as an antibiotic against infection. a mild local anesthetic deadens pain in the afflicted area. the application contains about 5-10 doses , depending on the amount used.