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Starfleet Security is the branch of the Federation Starfleet responsible for security aboard all Federation starships and at all Federation starbases and outposts. In addition, Starfleet Security is responsible for providing security at all Federation government facilities, such as the Palais de la Concorde. Starfleet Security is responsible for maintaining and enforcing Starfleet regulations, procedures and policies on all Starfleet and affiliated facilities, outposts, and vessels, and is responsible for setting security clearances for all Starfleet and government personnel and facilities. Starfleet Security often works in conjunction with Starfleet Intelligence.


Personnel in this department are responsible for more than just your everyday security measures. The armory, brig, escorting VIP's and defending the ship against intruders are but some of the many and varied tasks. One of their primary functions is to defend the crew and ship. They are trained primarily in defensive and close quarter combat situations.

In addition to defense, they also serve as a police force by responding to complaints and as such have the authority to arrest when deemed necessary. if you have an aptitude for weaponry, investigation and combat, then Tactical may suit your needs!


Available trades in Tactical Department are:

  • Rifleman: A rifleman is a highly trained soldier, capable of ship defense, planetary assault, etc. Also capable of light patrol and guard work, these are the most versatile members of tactical.
  • Security Officer: Crewman who specialize in supervising the brig, patrolling the ship, or investigating crimes are classified as constables. These crewman are versatile, however, and can act alongside rifleman if the need arises.
  • Small Arms Technician: Crewman who specialize in the development, maintenance, and repair of small arms.
  • Ship Weapons Technician: Crewman who specialize in the development, maintenance, and repair of ship-to-ship weapons.
  • Gunnery Technician: Crewman who are responsible for the targeting and firing of ship-to-ship weapons.

Tactical Policies

Starfleet draws proudly upon the traditions of the navies of many worlds, most notably those of Earth. We honor our distinguished forebears in many ceremonial aspects of our service, yet there is a fundamental difference between Starfleet and those ancient military organizations. Those sailors of old saw themselves as warriors. It is undeniably true that preparedness for battle is an important part of our mission, but we of Starfleet see ourselves foremost as explorers and diplomats.

This may seem a tenuous distinction, yet it has a dramatic influence on the way we deal with potential conflicts. When the soldiers of old pursued peace, the very nature of their organizations emphasized the option of using force when conflicts became difficult. That option had an inexorable way of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Today, peace is no easier than it was in ages past. Conflicts are real, and tensions can escalate at a moment's notice between adversaries who command awesome destructive forces. Yet we have finally learned a bitter lesson from our past: When we regard force as a primary option, that option will be exercised. Starfleet's charter, framed some two centuries ago after the brutal Romulan Wars, is based on a solemn commitment that force is not to be regarded as an option in interstellar relations unless all other options have been exhausted.